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Emergency Urine Bags

Emergency Urine Bags

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The urine bag can be folded into small size, which is compact and lightweight, convenient to carry, disposable and hygienic.


The urine bag with premium SAP material inside, which can quickly turn into solid state when it comes in contact with liquid, odorless and anti-leaking.

Unisex inlet

The urine bag is designed with the special big mouth inlet, which is universal for men and women. The inlet is made of high quality IXPE material, soft and comfortable to use.

Big capacity & hermetic

The urine bag with 700ml big capacity can suffice most urine needs. The sealed bar design can effectively prevent leakage.

Scope of application

The urine bag is widely suitable for car, airplane, camp ground, construction site and other places, where regular toilets are not immediately available, perfect for patient and pregnant using.

Capacity: 700ml

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